Cressoni Corn Heads ROTO Cross-Cut

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Unprecedented, simple and unique ROTO

DUAL stalk cross cut technology plus unsurpassed

DUAL speed system

  • Allows stalk to decompose better over the winter.
  • Integrated horizontally parallel knife roll technology and additional unique vertically radial multiblades system processes and prepares the stalk to decompose easier and faster.
  • Optimizes the pre-cut process
  • Optimizes the harvest process
  • Causes less shaking of the stalk
  • Less residues in combine
  • Fastest field travel speeds
  • Low horsepower required
  • Engineered for customers who demand unprecedented top aggressive residue processing with low additional investment
  • Tremendous low cost maintenance by reversible ROTO CROSS CUT knives.



ROTO CROSS CUT system delivers a unique crossed and continuous partial cut of the stalks. In each row over 100 radial knives interact with 10 axial knives during forward motion to partial cut the stalk both horizontally and vertically with a crossed and continuous partial cut that is axial and radial at the same time.


A highly important mechanical note is the use, in each stalk chopper unit, of a free wheel which avoids overloads and heavy recoils. The 2 rotating blades stalk chopper can be engaged or disengaged (ON / OFF). The forward position of stalk choppers covers 100% of the rolls’ pulling area. This system assures an optimal chop of the stalks, which pass from the rolls directly to the working area of the chopper.

The ROTO CROSS-CUT corn head can be supplied in the fixed 4 to 18 row version or the folding version from 5 to 16 rows. The driver opens and closes the head from the cab seat. The external overall dimensions of the folded head comes within the road-going size of a combine.

The ROTO CROSS-CUT corn head can be fit to any make and type of combine.


  Fixed Foldable Rows
Header weight
chopper weight
Row distance
 ROTO CROSS-CUT   6 15,5 3730 390 30
 ROTO CROSS-CUT   8 20,5 4875 530 30
 ROTO CROSS-CUT   12 30,5 7235 790 30
 ROTO CROSS-CUT   12 23,2 6585 790 22

Other sizes available: Fixed 8x20”, 8x22”, 12x20”, 16x20”, 16x22”, 18x20”, 18x22” and Foldable 8x30”, 12x30”,16x30”

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