Choose Gravely® walk-behind equipment for the precision you need. From the Pro-Walk® mower to the all-season Pro-QXT™ Tractor, we have the machine you need, regardless of the weather.


For 100 years Gravely has provided the finest walk-behind products engineered and manufactured from scratch. It started in 1916 when Benjamin Gravely used an Indian Motorcycle engine to build his first motor plow. Shortly after, Gravely started manufacturing the Model D plow which was used worldwide from Italy to Dunbar, West Virginia. Thousands of customers are still using their Model D today - products that are nearly a century old. We’ve continued this historic legacy of manufacturing quality, hand-crafted products that use the same Gravely DNA as the first Model D off of the assembly line. Our walk-behind products are a staple to the Gravely brand and customers worldwide. Built to last decades and over-engineered for the toughest of jobs.

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