Krone EasyCut 9140 Shift

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KRONE mower combinations are scientifically designed and fine-tuned to operator needs and comfort. For example, they provide the flexibility to cut awkward areas with one, two or all three mowers lowered into work. Like all CV conditioner mowers, the EasyCut 9140 CV combination features a 600 / 900 rpm mechanical gearbox that varies the conditioner speed. Optional deflector plates are available to allow wide spreading and faster wilting. KRONE mower combinations are specialist machines that are committed to quality and delivery.

Top-quality forage: The full-width and high-performance conditioner features pivoting V-type steel tines and steplessly adjustable baffle plates. Steel tines are extremely hard-wearing and lasting.


Model EasyCut 9140 Shift
Total work width                                   approx. mm 8,460-8,700 (27'9"-28'6")
Work width / rear-mounted mower                   mm 3,140 (10'3")
Total transport width                            approx. mm 3,000 (9'10")
Storage height                                     approx. mm 3,800 (12'5")
No. of discs* 10
No. of top hats* 4
Quick-change blades Standard
SafeCut Standard
Rotor diameter                                            ca. mm
Conditioner speed                                           rpm
Wide spreading deflector boards
Cross conveyors
PTO speed                                                      rpm 1,000
Tractor couplers incl. separate
mower lift-out

2 sa
dead weight*                                              kg (lbs) 1,550 (3,417)
Power requirement                                      kW/hp 88/120
Area output min. ca.                         ha/h (acre/hr) 9 -12 (22 - 29)

* w/o front-mounted mower

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