Krone ActiveMow R 240

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The established driveline is based on satellite gears – a KRONE development that for decades has proven extremely well all over the world. Massive spur gears with up to 59 teeth transmit the drive power all the way down to the very last disc. These large-diameter gears reduce the speed and accommodate more teeth.

So, there are always more teeth are in mesh with the neighbouring spur gears, which leads to extremely quiet running, ultimate efficiency and maximum longevity. Each of the auxiliary gears arranged ahead of the spur gears drives just one individual disc and is therefore exposed to minimum loads.

The KRONE ActiveMow disc mowers provide cleanest and most accurate cuts. The enclosed and fully welded cutterbar complies with the highest quality standards and continues to give leak-free service even after many years of hard work. Massive and oil-immersed spur gears guarantee quiet and reliable running in permanent operation and under the highest workloads. The quick-change blades and the SafeCut disc protection system are standard features.

The cutting edge The wedge-shaped cutterbar offers a large setting range to cut short stubble in meadows and pastures and longer stubble in long-stemmed field crops. An ActiveMow mower cuts trouble-free and leaves a clean cut. Massive spur gears with widely spaced double bearings bring strength so these cutterbars withstand enormous forces.

Success built on experience

The success of all KRONE disc mowers builds on a perfect performance, unmatched longevity and a host of unique features. Quick-change blades, low wear costs and perfectly aligned discs for stripeless cuts are only some of the benefits ActiveMow users buy.


ActiveMow ActiveMow R 240
Working width                m 2.44 (8')
No. of discs 4
No. of drums 2
SafeCut Standard
Quick-change blades Standard
Power requirement kW/hp 30/41
Pto speed standard      rpm 540
Dead weight             kg (lb) 550 (1,212.53)
Three-point hitch category I + II
Hydraulic spools 1 SA
Area output   ha/h (acres/h) 2-2.5 (4.94-6.18)

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