Krone Swadro 2000

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Swadro 2000 features 6 rotors that work at a width of 19.00 m  (62'4"). This working width gives you the potential to rake up to 20 ha (49 acres) per hour. This enormous efficiency combines with a uniform quality of work and fluffy windrows – thanks to the leading rotors spinning faster than the units at the rear. These windrows are ideal for hungry harvesters. Swadro 2000 boasts plenty of innovations, such as cardanic rotor attachment for excellent adaptation to ground contours and especially hardened Dura-Max cam tracks with 3-year warranty. Attaching / removing the tine arms is quick and easy. The arms are fully specified with bearings and guide rollers. Simply remove two or four bolts and pull out the arm. It's as easy as that.

  • Variable 10 m-19 m (32'10"- 62'4") work widths
  • Variable 1.6 m-2.8 m (5'3"- 9'2") windrow widths
  • Cleanest rakes from 6 maintenance-free and small 330 mm (1') rotors
  • Synchronized width control via sliding carriages
  • Height control via electric servomotors


The giant centre-delivery rake: Relying on six rotors and offering variable work widths between 10 m (32'10") and 19 m (62'4"), Swadro 2000 from KRONE is the biggest machine on the market which brings you unsurpassed efficiency, very little maintenance and quickest changeovers as well as high transport speeds, great longevity and a maximum of operator comfort and on top covers up to 20 hectares (49.5 acres) per hour. The windrows produced by Swadro 2000 are about 30% shorter per hectare than those produced by a four-rotor rake. A 30% shorter windrow translates into fewer passes and an up to 15% higher output of the following harvesters. As such, Swadro 2000 presents the ideal machine for large-scale and contracting operations.



Swadro 2000

Work width mm (inch)


Manual work width control - Standard Standard -
Hydraulic work width control


No. of rotors


Area output Approx ha/h (acres/h)

15-20 (37-49.2)

Transport width mm (inch)

2,995 (9'10")

No. of tine arms


No. of double tines


Separate rotor lift/lower feature


Rotor diameter mm (inch)


Manual work depth control
Electric work depth control


Central swath deflector


Lowering running gear


Tire size on bogies


Tire size on running gear

600/50-22.5 PR
(800/45-R 26.5)

Power requirement Approx. kW/hp


Weight Approx kg (lbs)

9,400 (20,723)

Two-point hitch




Storage length mm (inch)

13,200 (43'4")

Folding tine arms
Rigid tine arms


Storage height at minimum work width
Machine with rigid tine arms mm (inch)
Machine with folded tine arms mm (inch)

3,995 (13'1")

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