Kuhn Knight SLC 132

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The redesigned Kuhn Knight SLC 100 Series ProTwin® Slinger® Commercial manure spreaders set the standard for fast, efficient spreading. Maximize your productivity and performance with our large-capacity truck-mount or trailer models. The unique twin-auger design and exclusive body construction allow the Slinger to handle the widest variety of materials compared to any spreader on the market. Complete adjustability of the wide discharge improves material breakup for more consistent, even spreading. New hammers are designed for less wear and longer life.

These new machines provide the ideal combination of efficiency, versatility, and rugged durability to give you maximum return for your equipment dollars. If you need one machine to handle all of your diverse spreading needs, look to the SLC 100 Series ProTwin Slinger.


Capacity (gallons) 3200
Capacity - no extensions (m3) 12.3
Capacity - no extensions (cu.ft) 435
Auger diameter (left/right cm) 61
Auger diameter (left/right inch) 24
PTO speed (rpm) CV-1000
PTO protection Torque disconnect
Overall tread width (cm) 290
Overall tread width (in) 114
Overall height (cm) 259
Overall height (in) 102
Overall width - without options (cm) 305
Overall width - without options (in) 120
Weight (kg) 5457
Weight (lb) 12030
Maximum load (kg) 14515
Maximum load (lb) 32000
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 112
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 150
Box type V-Type
Overall length (cm) 734
Overall length (in) 289
Number of hammers 18
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