Food Plot Seeders

Often imitated, but never duplicated, Woods offers a full line of rugged, high-quality attachments with innovative features that increase productivity, maximize performance, and minimize down time – whether they’re needed for commercial use or general lawn care projects.

Over 55 years of experience engineering and manufacturing landscape equipment has created a line of reliable, high-quality tools to meet, and exceed, the demands of our customers from professional landscapers to property owners. Trust Woods for all your landscaping needs

Plant up to three types of seed in one pass. Ideal for hunters and small acreage farmers seeding legumes and larger seeds.

Maximum Versatility

  • Three seed box choices — one cool season and two legume — can plant a variety of seeds like alfalfa, clover, corn, sorghum, soybeans, turnips and wheat.
  • A trailing cultipacker firms the seed bed for perfect seed-to-soil contact that’s ready to trap moisture for germination.


Custom Configurations

  • Plant cool season seeds, in rows, at a deeper depth while evenly broadcasting up to two types of legume seeds at a shallow depth — all in one pass.
  • Front disc blades can be angled to work the dirt more aggressively.


Easy and Efficient

  • Easily and accurately adjust seeding rates with a single lever.
  • Engage/disengage seed boxes independently with one lynch pin – no tools required.
  • Easily and accurately measure seed rate with our calibration process.
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