Pavement Saws

Take your skid steer further with top-quality attachments from Alitec® and Woods.

Whether you’re a farmer cleaning out feed lots and moving seed, a landscape contractor spreading mulch and hauling pavers, or a municipality working to maintain parks and pavement, count on Woods Skid Steer Attachments to keep you and your skid steer working at the height of productivity.

Ensure that you always have the right tool for the job with the full line of attachments, backed by the Woods and Alitec® quality and service

  • Adaptable to all skid steer loaders with high-flow hydraulic capacity, replacing more cumbersome self-propelled units
  • Nine-inch cutting depth is ideal for sawing patches and expansion joints and for making pavement cuts for utility lines and traffic loops
  • Recommended operating flow and pressure is 25-42 gpm at 2,000-3,500 psi; wheel speed at 30 gpm is 132 rpm
  • Electro-hydraulic side shift enables cutting close to walls, curbs and fixed objects
  • Built-in shroud retracts as cutting depth increases
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