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Brent Mid-Size Corner Auger Grain Carts

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MODELS 678XL & 578

Auger Standard Features

  • Single, corner-auger with a side-folding design increases the upper auger length for greater auger side reach and height.
  • The 14" diameter auger provides unloading speeds up to 300 bushels per minute.
  • 5/16" thick flighting for long-term, trouble-free operation.
  • Model 678XL features a standard two-way directional downspout that provides in-and-out control for easily topping off trucks.
  • Model 678XL adds 2’ of auger length for additional side reach and height.  This design offers an additional 1’ 5” of auger height and 1’ of auger side reach for loading into taller trucks.
  • Spout-mounted LED unloading light for easy night time operation.
  • Exclusive,single-point auger connection ensures the upper and lower augers are aligned for a smooth and efficient transfer of grain between the upper and lower auger.
  • Electronic balancing of the upper and lower auger sections virtually eliminates vibration for long-term life.
  • The orificed auger fold cylinder gently folds and unfolds the upper auger into the loading and transport position.
  • When in the unload position, the hydraulic locking mechanism holds the upper and lower augers tightly together for a leak-free seal.




MODELS 678XL & 578

Tank Standard Features

  • Models 678XL and 578 feature tank capacities of 630 and 550 bushels to meet smaller acreage or field requirements.
  • Tank features an exclusive deep sump design, which funnels grain down into the auger for fast and complete unloading.
  • Steep 36° front and rear tank slopes and a graphite coated interior ensures complete cleanout and faster unloading speeds regardless of grain moisture.
  • Hydraulically operated flow gate features a highly visible position indicator for easily controlling grain flow while unloading.
  • Conveniently located wheel-operated gravity unloading door located on the auger sump permits easy cleanout.
  • Exclusive manufacturing process crimps side panels for added strength and exposed seams are silicone sealed for corrosion resistance.
  • Durable, high-grade enamel paint is baked on in tractor red or green for a long-lasting and smooth, automotive-like finish.
  • Front viewing ladder and front and rear shatterproof windows allow the operator to easily monitor tank contents.
  • Standard transport chain, D.O.T. approved flashing LED taillights, side marker lights, reflective markings and SMV emblem for safer road transport.
  • Color-coded and labeled hydraulic hoses with storage holder for added organization and convenience.
  • Grating over the auger intake prevents debris and foreign objects from entering the auger.




MODELS 678XL & 578

Undercarriage Standard Features

  • Single-tang hitch is standard on model 678XL and a clevis hitch is standard on model 578 for easy hookup and worry free towing.
  • Single wheel and tire axles feature 10-bolt hubs with gusseted reinforcements and 3 1/4" special alloy, high-tensile spindles on model 678XL and 2 7/8” spindles on model 578.
  • Exclusively designed, heavy-duty 45° gearbox features a 1 3/4" output shaft for trouble-free operation.
  • Heavy-duty side-wind jack is easy to operate for convenient tractor hookup.
  • Single wheels and tires with a rigid axle and a variety of tire sizes available depending on model.


Model 678XL 578
TIRE SIZE 24.5x32 23.1x26
Bushels* 630 Bu. 500 Bu.
Metric Tons 15.75 MT 12.50 MT
Auger Size 17" 14"
Unload Time 400 Bu. Per Minute 300 Bu. Per Minute
Mainframe 4" x 8" 4" x 8"
Flighting Type 5/16" "Thick-edge" 5/16" "Thick-edge"
Spindle Diameter 3 3/4" 2 7/8"
All spindles are made with special alloy steel which exceeds load capacities of mild steel spindles with larger diameters.  
Hopper 12 gauge 12 gauge
Standard Hitch Type Single (Clevis Available) Clevis
Number of Hydraulic Remotes Required 3 3
Approx. Empty Weight ** 8,100 lbs. 7,120 lbs.
Approx. Loaded Tongue Weight 3,590 lbs. 3,200 lbs.
Standard P.T.O. Friction Clutch Shear-Bolt
Engine HP 140+ 130+
Extended Wear flighting provides an average of 50% greater thickness at the outer edge where the greatest wear occurs.  
*Cart bushel capacities were measured with #2 corn at 15% moisture (56 lbs. test weight).  
**Weights shown are with most popular tire sizes.  
Tire Size 24.5x32 520/85x38
Overall Length 25' 6" 19' 5"
Hopper Width 11' 6" 11' 10"
Overall Width (Transport Width) 12' 6" 11' 9"
Auger Side Reach 8' 8" 7' 3"
Hopper Height Low Side 10' 2" 9' 8"
Hopper Height High Side 11' 11'
Auger Height ( To Bottom Edge of Spout) 14' 3" 13' 2"
Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice. 
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