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RED On-Board Intelligence Mowers

RED On-Board Intelligence

Our patented RED Technology is a game-changer.

Exmark's advanced patented RED Technology platform enables unprecedented communication among key mower systems. The result: longer machine life, even more productivity and significantly better fuel efficiency.

Defined Operation Modes

Engine speed on RED-equipped mowers is controlled by a three-position rocker switch, enabling operators to match power to specific mowing conditions. Efficient Mode offers peak performance power with reduced fuel consumption, emissions, noise, and overall wear on the machine. Max Mode provides increased power for operating in demanding conditions. Low Mode enables optimal operation in wet conditions and helps reduce deck packing for a superior cut.

System Monitoring RED

The patented RED Technology system monitoring tracks engine temperature, oil pressure and the overall electrical system, placing the machine in Safe Transport Mode when critical thresholds are exceeded--allowing safe return for servicing. You'll receive a visual warning of critical system issues.

Clutch Saver

The patented RED Technology system increases clutch life and improves operator efficiency by enabling on-the-fly PTO engagement/disengagement. The system engages at 2,750 RPM and disengages at 2,500 RPM. regardless of throttle position.

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