Krone EasyCut F 280 M

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EasyCut F 280 M • F 320 M • F 360 M 

  • Ideally suited for compact tractors and work in mountain regions
  • Low dead weight, little weight on the front axle
  • Compact build, excellent handling
  • Pivoting center-of-gravity suspension System


Mountain farming is a particular challenge to man and machine. The front-mounted 2.73 m (8’11") EasyCut F 280 M, the 3.16 m (10'4") F 320 M, and the 3.60 m (11'9") F 360 M disc mowers are the ideal machines to take on the challenge, boasting a compact design, a center of gravity close to the tractor, perfect cuts on steep slopes and good attachment options to light-weight and very compact mountain tractors. The EasyCut 360 M model is the ideal machine for huge track widths and offers generous overlap in combination with rear mowers.

Perfect ground hugging: The pushing suspension design provides a generous vertical travel and combines with long skids and an optional telescoping top link to provide optimum ground hugging in every way. Mounted extremely close to the tractor, the mower travels very little when gliding over undulations. The design reduces wear on the driveshaft and enhances operator overview.

Generous up and down travel: With each end pivoting through 30 cm (1'), EasyCut F 280 M and F 320 M guarantee cleanest cuts in undulating terrain and a well protected sward.

Centre-of-gravity suspension: The front mowers EasyCut F 280 M, F 320 M and F 360 M are not suspended in their mid-point but in their center of gravity – a design that distributes the pressure uniformly across the entire work width and leads to cleanest cuts.

Compact transport position: The guard ends on EasyCut F 280 M and F 320 M front fold back to bring the transport width down to 3.00 m (9'10''). They can also fold hydraulically as an option. EasyCut 360 M has transport width of 3.45 m (11'4").


Model EasyCut
F 280 M
Work width                          Approx. mm 2,730 (9')
Transport width                  Approx. mm 2,565 (8'5")
Pivoting headstock Standard
No. of discs 4 / 2 opt.
No. of drums 2 / 4 opt.
No. of top hats
SafeCut Standard
Quick-change blades Standard
Windrow width from
2 top hats                           Approx. mm
Windrow width from
4 top hats                           Approx. mm
PTO speed                                       rpm 1,000
Dead weight                 Approx. kg (lbs) 500 (1,102)
Power requirement        Approx. kW/hp 40 / 55
Work rate                         Approx. ha/h
3.0 - 3.5
(7.4 - 8.6)
Hydr. side guards
(1 da spool required)
  • case ih
  • case ce
  • exmark
  • gravley horizontal
  • krone
  • kuhn knight
  • macdon
  • mahindra
  • woods
  • brent