Krone Rear-Mounted Disc Mower EasyCut R » Minnesota Ag Group, Inc., Minnesota

Rear-Mounted Disc Mower EasyCut R

More than just a mower

  • Quick-change blades
  • SafeCut – individual protection for each disc
  • SmartCut: Stripeless cuts and optimal blade overlap
  • Break-back system – the mower breaks back to the rear and up to avoid the obstacle
  • DuoGrip – double guidance and center-of-gravity suspension
  • Optimum ground pressure control from responsive and adjustable springs
  • Hydraulic ground pressure control on the move (option)
  • CV conditioner with V-steel tines at aggressive angles
  • CR conditioner with chevron-profiled polyurethane rollers
  • Mechanical gearbox for convenient CV conditioner 600 rpm / 900 rpm speed changes
  • Compact in transport as the mower inclines to the middle of the tractor – for optimum weight distribution and visibility
  • Vertical storage on optional stands for minimum space requirements
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