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KRONE BaleCollect saves time and money. It collects up to three 120 cm wide packs or as an option up to five 80 cm bales. BaleCollect offers various patterns of depositing the bales in the field which suit various handling strategies and reduce labor hours, reduce field traffic and soil compaction. Its unique telescoping drawbar translates into easy use and safe rides on public roads. BaleCollect is the perfect match for the high-throughput
and high-density KRONE BiG Pack.

Clever stuff
The bale accumulator is attached to the baler to collect the bales as they leave the baling chamber. It attaches to the baler via an innovative telescoping drawbar which KRONE developed to ensure safe travel on public roads.

Safe road travel
For road transport, the platform folds into a compact unit of less than 3 m, the drawbar extends and the castering wheels/axles are made rigid. This allows BaleCollect to track reliably behind the baler - for safe rides at high
speeds of up to 50km/h and through narrow gates.

How it works
The BaleCollect platform accumulates up to three 120cm wide bales or up to five 80cm wide bales. When a bale leaves the chamber it is pushed to the right or left side by a bar, clearing the way for the next bale to enter the platform. All bales are automatically pushed off the platform according to the programmed unloading strategy.

Depositing the bales to individual needs
Depending on the individual harvest and process chain, customers may want to have their bales deposited in specific patterns. To suit individual needs, BaleCollect offers five different strategies or modes of depositing the bales in the field. The ‘3 bales” or ‘3+1 bales’ modes are used to unload all bales on or near the headland. By comparison, silage bales will be deposited to the ‘2 bales side by side’ mode or the ‘2 bales apart’ mode. These strategies are selected in harvest chains where the following wrapper is wrapping two silage bales into one pack or even picks up the bales itself. Of course, the operator can also push off the bales manually at any time by pressing a button.


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