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Krone BiG Pack 1290 HDP (VC)

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These days roughly one in every 10 big balers sold worldwide is a KRONE BiG Pack 1290 HDP. This machine delivers high-density 120 x 90 cm square bales.

Get the field cleared fast 
Harvesting a crop that yields 4 tons of straw per hectare and producing 500 kg bales rather than the 400 kg from a conventional big baler cuts the number of bales to be collected by two per hectare. Even though the machine uses higher quality twine – KRONE recommends the KRONE excellent HDP Strong² – twine costs drop by up to 25% courtesy of the higher baling density.

Cutting costs
The profitability and cost-effectiveness of straw baling depends to a great extent on the baling, transportation and storage costs. KRONE has the answer with the HDP system. The up to 25% higher density bales cut the production costs per ton, increasing the profit potential of professional straw sales. A BiG Pack HDP is your guarantee of success. It’s the smart way to work.



Krone BP 1290 HDP VC 21 fKrone BP 1290 HDP VC 21 f

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