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Krone Swadro 2000

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The Swadro 2000 boasts six rotors that rake 10.00 m-19.00 m of work. This is the ideal machine for large-scale farmers and contractors. Quickest changeovers, fast road travel, long lifetime cycles, ultimate user comfort and efficient swathing at up to 20ha/h are naturally included in the package. The large work width of the machine reduces the total swath lengt

The variable work width
The rake can vary its work width between 10.00 m and 19.00 m hydraulically, producing swaths that match the capacities of the following harvesters. To do that the two rotor arms extend and retract on a sliding carriage.

The flexible swathing width
An optimal swath width boosts the efficiency of the entire harvest chain. You can alter the width by telescoping the rear arms hydraulically, which alters the distance between the two rear rotors. The telescoping arms adjust to widths between 1.80 m (5'11") and 3 m (9'10").

The rotors lift out of work
The rotors lift and lower either independently, one after the other, or simultaneously. A hydraulic sequence control system is a particular boon for operators. The system can be upgraded by the optional GPS based SectionControl feature which raises one rotor independently of the others.

Different rotor speeds
The tines on the four leading rotors operate at a higher circumference speed than the tines on the rear rotors. Operating the rotors at different speeds eliminates the risk of roping.

Easy operation

  • The rotors are folded hydraulically and sequence controlled
  • User-friendly operator terminals


All changeovers on Swadro 2000 are made from the tractor seat where the operator simply triggers a sequence A hydraulic sequence control manages the individual steps, taking off stress and strain from the operator. SectionControl is operated conveniently from a cab-based DS 500 or CCI terminal.




Model Swadro 2000
Work width mm (inch) 10,000-19,000
Manual work width control - Standard Standard - -
Hydraulic work width control Standard
No. of rotors 6
Area output Approx ha/h (acres/h) 15-20 (37-49.2)
Transport width mm (inch) 2,995 (9'10")
No. of tine arms 4x13/2x15
No. of double tines 328
Separate rotor lift/lower feature Standard
Rotor diameter mm (inch) 3,300
Manual work depth control -
Electric work depth control Standard
Central swath deflector -
Lowering running gear -
Tire size on bogies 16x6.50-8
Tire size on running gear 600/50-22.5 PR
(800/45-R 26.5)
Power requirement Approx. kW/hp 96/130
Weight Approx kg (lbs) 9,400 (20,723)
Two-point hitch Standard
Drawbar -
Storage length mm (inch) 13,200 (43'4")
Folding tine arms -
Rigid tine arms +
Storage height at minimum work width  
Machine with rigid tine arms mm (inch) 3,995 (13'1")
Machine with folded tine arms mm (inch) -
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