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D65 Draper Headers for Combine


Low podding, downed, tangled, or lodged crop; whatever the situation, MacDon D Series Draper Headers deliver outstanding harvesting performance. Whether you're straight cutting or windrowing, the D Series is a true multi-crop harvesting solution perfect for harvesting cereals, oil seeds, grass seeds, and beans. This “can-do” attitude, delivered with MacDon reliability and performance, is the reason MacDon Draper Headers are a great fit for so many of today's operations.


  • MacDon's Active Float System keeps our headers true-to-the-ground with minimal ground pressure allowing for an even cut every time.
  • On-the-go control of ground pressure, height, cutting angle, and reel positioning.
  • The patented flip-over action of our reel promotes smooth even crop flow.
  • Tight draper seals help prevent debris build-up and downtime.
  • The proven durability of MacDon's Wobble Box knife drive.
  • Standard knife reverser and draper speed adjustment keep you in full control of your harvest.
  • MacDon Draper Headers are designed to fit on all major brand combines. This multi-brand compatibility, along with MacDon's performance reputation, means your investment will hold its value until it's time to upgrade.
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