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The revised new 300 Series range of skid steer loaders and compact track loaders are the evolution of New Holland skid steer loader design. The unique New Holland machines deliver comfort and performance in a compact package:

• Compact dimensions – under 2m high & just over 1.5m wide on the smallest model
• Excellent stability and weight distribution maximise performance and safety
• All-round visibility ensures high manoeuvrability and faster work cycles
• Comfort Deluxe Cab features excellent ergonomics and best-in-class comfort
• New colour display featuring integrated reversing camera
• Wheels or tracks, Super Boom or Radial Lift - the choice is yours
• Choose simple mechanical or smooth electro-hydraulic controls offering advanced settings


The New Holland skid steer loader & compact track loader ranges feature a total of 12 models, with operating loads ranging from 590kg to 2045kg, and lift heights from 2.85m to 3.35m. New Holland knows that these machines will be used in a wide variety of applications, so have been engineered by design to offer versatility as standard. Whether you are handling bales, sweeping yards, feeding your cattle in winter or snow blowing, you’ve found your perfect farming partner to boost your productivity with fast cycle times resulting from it’s perfect balance, excellent stability and powerful hydraulic system.

The reliable hydraulic system delivers responsive controls and fast cycle times. In-line hydraulic pumps produce less noise and provide extra smooth operation. Add the optional highflow hydraulics on all models except the L313 & L316, to run attachments hour after hour.

The 300 Series dual-range transmission provides travel speeds in excess of 17kph (13kph on compact track loaders) to save time on and between job sites. It is standard on the L320, L321, L328, L334 and all compact track loaders.

The New Holland 300 Series feature Radial Lift or Super Boom models, to cater for the specific needs of your business.
• For loading & lifting, the patented vertical lift geometry of the Super Boom system enables operators to load material far beyond the reach and height of most other skid steer loader designs. The exceptional forward reach afforded by this design makes loading bales and reaching over feed barriers an effortless task
• For pushing & digging, the Radial Lift geometry gives outstanding power through the direct connection of the boom with the frame. Productivity in applications such as manure handling, soil moving and yard scraping is boosted by their outstanding breakout force


The Comfort Deluxe Cab offers up to 25% more internal width than competition with greater head room and leg room. New features include the colour display with integrated rear camera, improved joystick controls to reduce thumb fatigue, Bluetooth radio and a USB port to charge mobile devices. 300 Series loaders also provide automatic straight-line tracking (on EH models only) to improve productivity and precision when working with a trencher or cold planer.

The 300 Series cab is one of the widest in the industry. It’s easy to enter and exit. Full-covering trim absorbs noise. The visibility panel on the cab roof gives you a clear view in all directions, even to the raised bucket or attachments. The fully sealed and pressurized cab minimizes dust and exhaust infiltration. Seat choices include the optional suspension seat or the heated, composite air-ride seat for maximum support and ultimate comfort. An optional, factory-installed lap bar is offered on all models.

A comprehensive view of the job site makes it easier for you to work productively and safely. The new 300 Series deliver:
• Clear and unobstructed view of the attachment and bucket edge
• Large visibility panel in the cab roof for a clear view of the attachment at full height
• High visibility mesh side screens
• Narrow cab pillars to maximize visibility
• The fully sealed and pressurized cab minimizes dust and exhaust infiltration
• Seat choices include the optional suspension seat or the heated,composite air-ride seat for maximum support
• An optional, factory-installed lap bar is offered on all models

A choice of control style is available: mechanical or electro-hydraulic (EH) controls can be selected.

• New, ergonomically designed joysticks allow for a lower-profile control grip and feature soft buttons to reduce thumb fatigue
• New pods positioned below the joysticks provide more room between the operator’s knees
• Electro-hydraulic controls are switchable between ISO to H pattern
• Models built with electro-hydraulic controls feature multiple speed and sensitivity settings, allowing operators to personalize the controls
• Electro-hydraulic control mounts feature horizontal and vertical adjustment to suit every operator
• Mechanical control models employ hand levers for direction control and foot pedals for boom function

The new 8 inch colour display is available on Electro-hydraulic control models, and is mounted to the right hand cab post to display all of your machines working parameters. It is easy to navigate and includes an automatically activated reversing camera for added safety.

• Key machine information is displayed such as engine performance information, RPM, fuel level, battery voltage, hydraulic oil temperature, engine temperature, and trip screen
• Engine settings menu includes economy mode, engine protection and ignition timeout settings
• Electro-hydraulic control settings are easily modified in the relevant menu
• The reversing camera can be set to engage automatically in reverse or can be always on
• Camera guidance lines can be activated depending on operator preference


Overall operating height  
Overall operating height with foundry/excavating bucket short lip in (mm) 155.6 (3953)
Overall operating height with low profile/standard lip bucket in (mm) 159.8 (4059)
Overall operating height with low profile extended/long lip bucket in (mm) 164.6 (4148)
Height to  
Bucket hinge pin in (mm) 125 (3178)
Top of ROPS in (mm) 78.7 (1998)
Bottom of level bucket, fully raised in (mm) 117.1 (2976)
Overall length  
Overall length without attachment with coupler in (mm) 104.8 (2662)
Overall length with foundry excavation bucket on ground in (mm) 129.6 (3292)
Overall length with low profile bucket in (mm) 133.4 (3388)
Overall length with low profile extended bucket in (mm) 138.3 (3512)
Dump angle degrees 38.1
Dump height with foundry/excavating bucket short lip in (mm) 100.6 (2556) @ 38.1°
Dump height with low profile/standard lip bucket in (mm) 98.0 (2488) @ 38.1°
Dump reach (max height) in (mm) 22.3 (568) @ 38.1°
Maximum attachment rollback  
Bucket on ground degrees 31
Bucket at full height degrees 99
Track and clearance  
Track on ground in (mm) 55.9 (1419)
Ground clearance (bottom of belly pan) in (mm) 8 (203)
Angle of departure degrees 32
Clearance circle  
Clearance circle without bucket in (mm) 52.3 (1346)
Clearance circle with foundry bucket in carry position in (mm) 82.2 (2187) with 72" bucket
Clearance circle with low profile bucket on ground in (mm) 85.8 (2181) with 72" bucket
Clearance circle with extended low profile on ground in (mm) 90.4 (2297) with 72" bucket
Clearance circle rear in (mm) 59.1 (1501)
Track guage in (mm) 53.4 (1356)
Overall width in (mm) 65.9 (1676)
Manufacturer/model FPT / F5H FL463A
Type Diesel 4-stroke, turbo, D.I.
Cylinder 4
Bore/stroke in (mm) 3.9 x 4.3 (99 x 109)
Displacement in3 (L) 207 (3.4)
Fuel injection HPCR Direct
Fuel #2 diesel
Fuel filter Pre-spin on 30 microns Main-spin on 4 microns
Air intake Turbocharged with external EGR
Cooling Liquid
Engine speeds  
High idle - no load rpm 2500 +/- 25
Rated - full load rpm 2500
Low idle rpm 1150 +/- 25
Horsepower per SAE J1349  
Gross hp (kW) 74 (55) @ 2500 rpm
Net hp (kW) 68 (51) @ 2500 rpm
Peak torque lb-ft (N•m) 232 (314) @ 1400 rpm
Drive pump electro hydraulic  
Pump to engine ratio 1:1
Displacement in3 (cc) 2.75 (45)
Flow gpm (Lpm) 24.2 (91.5)
Charge pressure psi (bar) 362 (24.5)
System relief psi (bar) 5220 (360)
Control Mechanical or Electro hydraulic Electro hydraulic
Drive motors  
Effective Max displacement in3 (cc) 67 (1098)
Effective Displacement opt high speed in3 (cc) 43.6 (714)
Speed @ high idle engine rpm 103
Speed @ optional high speed rpm 156
Torque @ max displ. and relief pressure lb-ft (N•m) 4654 (6310)
Travel speed  
Low range mph (km/h) 5.5 (8.9)
High range 8.0 (12.9)
Final drive Planetary gearbox with 2-speed motor
Parking brake  
Type Spring applied, hydraulic release disc
Engagement Depress on/off brake button on instrument panel, disconnect lapbelt, get off seat, or stop engine
System Zig Zag Pattern
Idlers / rollers per side 2/3
Ground pressure  
PSI (with spec belt) 5.9
Type Gear
Displacement standard aux. in3 (cc) 2.23 (36.6)
Displacement high flow aux. in3 (cc) .76 (12.5)
Standard pump flow gpm (Lpm) 24.2 (91.5)
Optional high flow gpm (Lpm) 32.4 (122.6)
Enhanced high flow gpm (Lpm) NA
Loader control valve  
Type 3 spool / open center / series
Standard relief pressure psi (bar) 3046 (210)
Enhanced high flow relief pressure psi (bar) NA
Hydraulic filter 6 microns / spin on
Lift cylinder  
Bore diameter in (mm) 2.5 (63.5)
Rod diameter, in (mm) in (mm) 1.75 (44.5)
Stroke in, in (mm) in (mm) 31.69 (804.9)
Closed length, in (mm) in (mm) 45.59 (1158.0)
Bucket cylinders  
Bore diameter, in (mm) in (mm) 2.75 (69.9)
Rod diameter, in (mm) in (mm) 1.38 (34.9)
Stroke, in (mm) in (mm) 16.14 (410)
Closed length, in (mm) in (mm) 24.02 (610)
Rated operating load  
50% tip lbs (kg) 2700 (1225)
35% tip lbs (kg) 1890 (860)
Tipping load lbs (kg) 5400 (2449)
Breakout forces  
Lift cylinder lbs (kN) 6260 (27)
Bucket cylinder lbs (kN) 7270 (32.3)
Cycle times  
Raise sec 3.6
Lower sec 1.8
Dump sec 2.2
Roll back sec 1.7
Operating weight lbs (kg) 8270 (3750)
Shipping weight lbs (kg) 7970 (3615)
Service Capacities  
Fuel tank, gal (L) 19.5 (73.8)
Engine oil with filter, qt (L) 8.9 (8.5)
System Capacity with filter, qt (L) 34 (32.2)
DEF tank, gal (L) NA
Lift Style  
Lift design Radial
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  • case ce
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  • exmark
  • gravley horizontal
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  • kuhn knight
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