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IntelliField™ is an intuitive feature that allows multiple vehicles to work in the same field / operation while simultaneously sharing boundaries, straight guidance lines, and real-time coverage data. Customers running in this scenario will appreciate the efficiencies IntelliField brings, which include:
• Perfect parallel passes for all vehicles due to sharing of exact guidance line data * Section Control operation based on combined coverage of all vehicles at the field level
• Higher quality yield maps and coverage area calculation due to Auto Cut Width being based on combined vehicle coverage at the field level
• Auto creation of exact same Grower/Farm/Field names in all active vehicle displays when new fields are created
• Easier operation for the less experienced operators not familiar with creation of display set up data (e.g. Grower, Farm, Field, Guidance Lines, Boundaries, etc.)

Greater efficiencies lead to larger profits for the customer, delivers for those operations with multiple drills, planters, combines, sprayers, or other implements that operate simultaneously in the same field.

IntelliField is an in-field data sharing product that utilizes a cloud-based infrastructure and cellular data technology to facilitate the exchange of data between vehicles. Data is streamed to and from the cloud from each vehicle active in a Job, resulting in a near real time view of coverage of all vehicles in the Job. Latency is typically less than 2 seconds when working in areas with reasonable cellular coverage. The IntelliField™ technolgy can support up to 6 vehicles simultaneously.


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