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New Holland T6.160 Auto Command

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Choose from five models from 95 to 125 PTO hp with enormous 42% torque rise plus up to an additional 34 hp from Engine Power Management.

An endless list of options includes a front hitch and PTO (available with standard FWD only), a choice of transmissions, seats, and front axles, including three front-wheel-drive (FWD) axle choices or the economical heavy-duty 2WD axle.

At New Holland, we believe a long, hard day in the field shouldn’t feel like one. That’s why we designed the Horizon™ cab for day-long comfort and productivity.

The T6 has you covered, from haymaking to loader work and row-crop applications.


MODEL T6.160 Auto Command
Engine Type Turbo Diesel with High Pressure Common Rail with Electronic Fuel Delivery Control
Make / Model Fiat Powertrain Technology (FPT) NEF
# of Engine Cylinders 6
Displacement cu. in. (L) 274 (4.5)
Valves per Cylinder 4
Rated Engine Speed rpm 2100
Aspiration Turbo Charger with Air-to-Air Intercooled
Max Boosted Engine HP 165
Rated Engine HP 135
PTO HP 115
Engine Speed at PTO Speed 540/1000 1969 / 1893
Emissions Certification Stage V/Final
Stage V Emissions System ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR 2 System (Selective Catalytic Reduction; After Treatment only)
Diesel Fuel Tank Capacity gal. (L) Standard Tank - 52.2 Gal (197.2), with Auxiliary Tank - 58.6 Gal (222
DEF (AdBlue®) Tank Capacity gal. (L) 10.4 Gal (39.5)
Service Interval eng. hours 600
Alternator 150 Amp Std. on all models; 200 Amp optional
Battery 1300 CCA
ISO BUS Class 2 (Optional with Plus and Elite, Standard on AC) Optional
ISO BUS Class 3 (Optional on Auto Command Tractors only) Optional
Electro Command™ Transmission  
Standard – Semi-Power Shift 16x16 mph (kph) 1.41-25 (2.27-40)***
Option 1 – With Creeper 32x32 mph (kph) 0.12-25 (.19-40)***
Option 2 - with AutoShift mph (kph) 1.41-25 (2.27-40)***
Option 3 – Economy w/ AutoShift 17x16 mph (kph) 1.67-25 (2.68-40)
Option 4 – Fast Mover w/ AutoShift 17x16 mph (kph) 1.67-31 (2.68-50)
Dynamic Command™ Transmission  
Standard - 23 X 23 mph (kph)
Option 1 - 24 X 24 Economy 40 KPH mph (kph)
Option 2 - 24 X 24 50 KPH mph (kph)
Option 3 - Creeper for 40 KPH mph (kph)
Option 3 - Creeper for 40 KPH Economy mph (kph)
Option 4 - Creepr for 50 KPH mph (kph)
Auto Command™ Transmission  
Standard Auto Command CVT mph (kph)
Optional Auto Command CVT mph (kph)
3 Point Hitch  
Standard Lift Capacity - 80mm rams with 21.1 gpm fixed pump (Value) lbs. (kg) 8338 (3782)
Standard Lift Capacity - 80mm rams with 33.5 gpm CCLS pump (AC) lbs. (kg) 9214 (4179)
Optional Lift Capacity - 90mm rams with 29.9/33.5 gpm CCLS pump (Plus, Elite, AC) lbs. (kg) 11,649 (5284)
Fixed Displacement Implement Pump Flow - Value gpm (l/m) 21.1 (80)
Steering Pump Flow gpm (l/m) 12.4 (47)
CCLS Hydraulic Implement Pump Flow- Plus & Elite gpm (l/m) 29.9 (113)
CCLS Hydraulic Implement Pump Flow- Auto Command gpm (l/m) 33.5 (127)
Deluxe Rear Remote Options (N/A on Auto Command) 2 Mechanical Remotes Standard with 3 and 4 remotes Optional
Electro Hydraulic Rear Remote Options 3 Electro Hydraulic Remotes Standard on AC with 3 & 4 Optional on Elite, 4 on AC
Mid-Mount Valve Options 2 or 3 Mechanical or 2 or 3 Electronic
Front Axles  
Heavy Duty Two Wheel Drive (2WD) Available on all Electro Command Semi-power shift models
Front Wheel Drive (FWD) Axle Class 3 & 4
Option 1 Standard Front Axle
Option 2 Suspended Front Axle
Option 3 Supersteer™ Front Axle
Shipping Weight (Typical Weight, less ballast, Cab FWD) Subtract 1,234 lbs. (560 kg) if equiped with the optional 2WD
Shipping Weight (Typical Weight, less ballast, Cab FWD): Minimum lbs. (kg) 10,979 (4980)
Shipping Weight (Typical Weight, less ballast, Cab FWD): Average lbs. (kg) 12,831 (5820)
Shipping Weight (Typical Weight, less ballast, Cab FWD): Maximum lbs. (kg) 15,245 (6915)
Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight lbs. (kg) 20,944 (9500)
Dimensions on rear tires (1) 520/70R38
Overall length inc. front linkage to rear linkage in. (mm) 204.3 (5189)
Minimum width in. (mm) 89.8 (2280)
Height at center of rear axle to top of low profile cab in. (mm) 78 (1980)
Height at center of rear axle to top of standard cab in. (mm) 82.7 (2100)
Height at center of rear axle to top of Comfort Ride™ suspension cab in. (mm) 85.2 (2165)
Overall height of low profile cab in. (mm) 110.4 (2805)
Overall height of standard cab in. (mm) 115.2 (2925)
Overall height of Comfort Ride™ suspension cab in. (mm) 117.7 (2990)
Wheelbase: Standard 4WD axle in. (mm) 104 (2642)
Wheelbase: Terraglide™ suspended axle in. (mm) 105.7 (2684)
Wheelbase: SuperSteer™ axle in. (mm) 109.8 (2788)
Track width (min. / max.) in. (mm) 64.3 / 84 (1634 / 2134)
Ground clearance in. (mm) 18.8 (478)

* Weights are for a variety of specifications, wheels weights and front weights have been excluded.
** Dimensions shown are with 18.4R38 rear tires with matching front tires.
*** Two wheel drive tractor maximum ground speed is 19 MPH (30 KPH).
Biodiesel blend must fully comply with the latest fuel specification EN14214:2009 and operation is in accordance with operator manual guidelines.

(1) Rear tire other than those mentioned are available: 480/70R38, 540/65R38, 650/60R38
(2) Only compatible with Comfort Ride™ cab suspension

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