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New Holland Light C362

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C362 highlights 1Super Boom® vertical lift design
The C362 is optimized for lift-and-carry operations. The patented New Holland Super Boom® vertical lift linkage offers more height and reach, which allows operators to load material into the center of high-sided truck boxes or hoppers. This allows for visibility to the cutting edge of the loading bucket.



C362 highlights 02Heavy-duty construction
The C362 is built with a heavy-duty steel rear door, steel rear hood, and NEW LED front work lights with sidelamps, for extra visibility during nighttime operation.



C362 highlights 03 The power, strength and stability to lift more
– 6,200-lb rated operating capacity @ 50% tipping load (12,400-lb tipping load)
– 114-HP engine @ 2500 RPM
– Long track base of 74.2 inches (17.7 inch wide tracks)
– Ground pressure of 6.1 psi
– Strong bucket tip and lift breakout forces of 12,907 and 12,084 lbs respectively with 78” heavy duty bucket



C362 highlights 04A smooth ride and improved track life
The undercarriage design provides a smoother ride with 6 triple flange rollers and double flange idlers.
Track life is extended by using steel-embedded tracks rolling on the rubber instead of the steel to provide a reduced noise experience. Plus, one of the widest cabs in the industry makes it easy to get in and out.



Manufacturer/model FPT/ F5B FL413 D*C005
Bore/stroke, in (mm) 3.9 x 4.3 (99 x 110)
Displacement, in3 (L) 207 (3.4)
Fuel injection HPCR Direct
Air intake Turbocharged w/ waste gate and external cooled EGR
Horsepower per SAE J1349 Gross hp (kW) 114 (85) @ 2,500 rpm
Horsepower per SAE J1349 Net hp (kW) 114 (85) @ 2,500 rpm
Peak torque, lb-ft (Nm) 339 (460) @ 1,400 rpm

Power Train

Travel speed, low range, mph (km/h) 5.0 (8.0)
Travel speed, high range (optional), mph (km/h) 8.7 (14.0)


Height to
Bucket hinge pin, in (mm) 140.2 (3.56)
Top of ROPS, in (mm) 84.6 (2.15)
Bottom of level bucket, fully raised, in (mm) 133.3 (3386)
Overall length without attachment with coupler, in (mm) 129.5 (3.29)
Dump angle, degrees 46.1
Dump reach (max height), in (mm) 17.2 (437)
Rollback, bucket on ground, degrees 30
Rollback, bucket at full height, degrees 84
Track on ground, in (mm) 74 (1.88)
Ground clearance (bottom of belly pan), in (mm) 12.6 (0.32)
Angle of departure, degrees 37.7
Clearance circle without bucket, in (mm) 67.4 (1712)
Clearance circle rear, in (mm) 69.5 (1765)
Overall width, in (mm) 78.3 (1.99)
Ground pressure, PSI (with spec belt) 6.1

Hydraulic System

High Flow, gpm 41.6
Optional Enhanced High Flow, gpm 41.6
High Flow Relief Pressure, psi 3,450
Optional Enhanced High Flow Relief Pressure, psi 4,100

Performance Specs

Rater Operating Load @50% tip, lbs (kg) 6,200 (2812)
Rater Operating Load @ 35% tip, lbs (kg) 4,340
Tipping Load, lbs (kg) 12,400 (5625)
Breakout Force, lift cylinder, lbs (kN) 12,084 (53.8)
Breakout force bucket cylinder, lbs (kN) 12,907 (57.4)
Operating Weight, lbs (kg) 16,100 (7311)
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