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Each piece of Woods Equipment is backed by an engineering and technical services team to answer any questions or solve any problems you may have. If you can’t find your answer in the downloadable manual or one of our service bulletins, you can call our Technical Services team at 800-319-6637, option 3.

Tech Tips

Blade Sharpening

  • Remove blades and inspect the condition of the attaching hardware. It is a good idea to replace the hardware each time the blades are replaced.
  • When sharpening blades always wear safety glasses to prevent any debris from getting in the eye.
  • Sharpen the blade to match the original cutting edge. Do not go beyond the original edge and avoid grinding any notches into the blade. A notch in a blade can make them susceptible to breakage.
  • Always leave a 1/32" to 1/16" dull edge to prevent the cutting edge from chipping. It is not necessary to have a razor sharp blade. This will only decrease blade life.
  • Once the blade has been sharpened hang it on a nail or screw from the center mounting hole to balance the blade. If one side of the blade was damaged and more material was removed when sharpening this could create an imbalance and cause vibration. If the blade is balanced it should hang level on the nail. It may be necessary to remove more material from the heavy side to obtain proper balance.


Gearbox Service and Maintenance

Most of the problems that occur on gearbox drive equipment are due to lack of service and maintenance. Here are a few things that operators can check before using their equipment.

1. Always maintain proper oil level. If a gearbox is run low the bearings will not be properly lubricated. If the gearbox is overfilled it will generate heat and cause the box to run hot and possibly damage seals.

2. Check for free-play in the input and output shafts. If any free-play is present, it may be a sign of bearing wear or a change in bearing preload setting. Excessive free-play will cause oil seal failure thus causing a loss of lubricant and result in bearing and/or gear damage. In most cases, the bearing preload can be reset eliminating all radial free play by either re-shimming or tightening bearing adjustment nut.

3. Most gearboxes require a breather to prevent pressure from building up inside the housing. Periodically check to ensure the breather is functioning properly. If pressure builds up in the box it will cause the oil seal to rupture and loss of lubricant will occur.

4. Woods equipment recommends changing the oil in the gearbox after the first 100 hrs of operation. This will eliminate any debris from gear break-in or foreign material left in the housing from manufacturing.

Mowing Tips

Tip #1
Extremely tall grass should be mowed twice. Raise the mower and cut half the desired height. Cut the second time at the desired height and at 90 degrees to the first pass.

Tip #2
Remember sharp blades produce cleaner cuts and use less power.

Tip #3
Before mowing, analyze the area to determine the best mowing procedure. Consider the height and type of grass and the terrain type (hilly, level or rough).

Tip #4
When using a side discharge mower, blow the discharge into the previous pass. Never discharge the clippings into the uncut grass when possible.

Tip #5
Plan your mowing patterns to travel straightforward whenever possible. The less turning or backing up you do will reduce your mowing time.

Tip #6
Before beginning to mow, walk the area first and remove any stones or debris, which may be hidden in the grass.

Tip #7
When mowing along roadsides always discharge the material away from the road to prevent any foreign object from being thrown at a passing car.

Tip #8
It is better to mow grass more often at a higher cut height than too short. Short grass deteriorates rapidly in hot weather and invites weed growth during the season. Follow local recommendations for suitable cutting heights for your type of grass.

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